Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Foundation of CKHA’s funds directed?

One hundred percent of all funds donated to the Foundation of CKHA remain in Chatham-Kent and are directed to support CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs, including the purchase of new equipment and the updating of facilities and services at CKHA’s Chatham and Sydenham Campuses.

Did you know?
100% of all donations to the Foundation of CKHA remain in Chatham-Kent.

How does the Foundation of CKHA cover operating expenses?

  • The Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s (CKHA) operating costs are 100% supported through their fundraising efforts.
  • The Foundation of CKHA supports operational costs through interest from investments, a percentage of major campaign costs, unrestricted funds and an administration fee.

How does CKHA assist the Foundation of CKHA with its operating expenses?

  •  The Foundation of CKHA staff is independent from CKHA, but do follow CKHA’s HR policies.
  • Foundation of CKHA payroll is processed through CKHA, but reimbursed monthly by the Foundation of CKHA.
  • CKHA houses the Foundation of CKHA and supports telephone, postal and occupancy costs.

What is the Foundation of CKHA’s Administrative Fee?

In 2012, the Foundation of CKHA’s Board of Directors made the decision to implement a 20% administration fee on all restricted funds. Future major campaigns will have this 20% fee included in the overall campaign fundraising total.

This decision was made to ensure that the Foundation of CKHA has adequate operating dollars required to fulfill its mission of raising funds to support CKHA in its efforts to provide continued quality healthcare to the residents of Chatham-Kent.

Why was the Foundation of CKHA’s Administrative Fee put in place?

The Foundation of CKHA’s Board of Directors reached their decision on the 20% Administrative Fee based on the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) original disbursement quota of 80/20 whereby 80% of funds raised are to be directed to the charitable objects and 20% towards administration.

In 2011, CRA eliminated this disbursement quota and replaced this with new Fundraising Guidelines in 2012.

The Board of Directors is confident that the decision to establish the 20% administration fee on all restricted funds will ensure that the Foundation of CKHA has adequate operating dollars required to fulfill their mission of raising funds to provide quality healthcare for the residents of Chatham- Kent.

Would the CRA approve of the Foundation of CKHA’s Administration Fee?

Yes. The CRA is sympathetic to charities, understanding that it costs money to raise money. The Foundation of CKHA’s 20% Administrative Fee fits well within the CRA’s fundraising guidelines.

The CRA’s new guidelines allow for a charity’s cost to raise a dollar to be up to 35% without raising any concern with CRA.

Anything that is consistently above 35% -50% can raise the attention of CRA and require an explanation, should the charity be audited. Anything consistently at 75% or more will be questioned by the CRA and the charitable status of the charity could be in jeopardy – facing possible suspension or revocation.

What is CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs?

CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs can range from funding for new capital equipment, furnishings and technologies, to the updating of programs, facilities and services at both the Chatham and Sydenham Campuses.

Raising funds for CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs is an ongoing priority for the Foundation of CKHA.

With deep budget cuts and an ever-changing and increased need for service, providing support for CKHA’s basic needs is an important priority and a commitment that needs to be met to ensure continued quality local healthcare.

What is ‘CKHA’s most urgent capital equipment needs’?

From CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs, comes ‘CKHA’s most urgent capital equipment needs’.

This wording is used as an alternative to CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs, when we know that funds from an event or an appeal will be directed to purchase an undetermined piece of equipment on CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs List.

How can I support the Foundation of CKHA through Special Events?

There are many ways you can support the Foundation of CKHA through Special Events:

  • Participate – purchase tickets or register for an event
  • If you are a business-owner, sponsor an event
  • Volunteer your time and talents at one or more special event steering committees or on the day-of the event
  • Spread the word! Help the Foundation of CKHA by telling all of your family, friends and colleagues about the events and encourage them to get involved
  • Host a third-party event fundraiser for the Foundation of CKHA

Who do I contact at the Foundation of CKHA for more information on special events
and event sponsorship

  • Barbara Noorenberghe, Development Officer – Annual Giving and Special Events at 519.436.2538 or
  • Detailed event and sponsorship information is available on the Foundation of CKHA’s website,